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- FAQ -

What do I get for the registration fee?

Registration includes:

Accreditation, admittance to the pre-ride party, .gpx route, brevet card, finisher trophy, goodie bag, official media (photo & video), official time and finishers list on our website, after ride beer and food (1x per person) and some surprise snacks/drinks (not proper meals) at the checkpoints.

How long the event is going to take?

If you are fast, very fast, you may do it in 2-3 days, but we think it is OK to count for 4-5 days. Cut off time will be 7 days – which doesn’t mean that you can’t ride for longer, but unluckily we will not be present at the finish. We would hate not being there when you finish in Tokaj.


How to reach the start?
The start will be in Budapest on the 17th of August, 2019. You can reach the city by plane, train, car easily from basically any part of the world. Public transportation, and the road network is very good. If you need specific tips for parking, transfer, luggage storage, please hit us up at (we DO reply).

What is the mandatory equipment?
Must-have: A working bike in good mechanical condition, helmet, light source, MPS: Money (cash), pump, spare tube, ‘usefulstuff card, and cue sheet (given by the organizer). We suggest using a 33 mm tire at least. A 40 mm may be better though – we will ride those.

Strongly recommended: a map, GPS device, on which you can save and display the route. File is in .gpx format and should work on any touristic and bike GPS devices.

Nice to have: comfortable clothes for all conditions: rain, cold nights (maybe around 10-15C at some areas), and hot days.


Is a road bike OK for the route?
Technically it is perfect, in fact just like any bike. The only thing we recommend is to have at least 33mm wide tires.

Can I use my recumbent for this event?

Unluckily riding a recumbent on this event is not allowed.


Do you organize accommodation in Budapest before the race?
No, we don’t, but we might be able to help, drop us a line if you don’t find a good spot.


Do you organize accommodation in Tokaj after the race?
No, we don’t, but we will be giving you accommodation tips including campings, hostels, and hotels for the night over in Tokaj, if you fancy staying.

How to get out of Tokaj?
There are trains leaving from Tokaj to Budapest 3 times a day. Travel time is approx. 4 hours with 1 change at Szerencs. The train with a bike roughly costs 6.000 HUF (~19€).

Can I deviate from the route?

Yes, you can, but it is necessary to collect all stamps in the brevet card. Without the stamps, your achievement will not be credited officially.


What if I lose my brevet card?

Please take a very good care of your card, because it will be the only proof that you have actually completed the route. If you happen to lose it, please contact us using the contacts on the ‘usefulstuff card, and we’ll figure something out.

Can I sleep outside?
Of course you can, we recommend zones designated for camping. If you do lay down for a few hours, a bivvy would be sufficient for the conditions in August, but if you prefer some „luxury” there are definitely some scenic places where you can pitch your tent or find B&B to stay.


How much does a rrom cost along the route?

An average room without breakfast should cost 6000 HUF (~19€)/person


What if I get lost?
Ask locals, use your phone and use your GPS and/or map. We will give you a ‘usefulstuff card with contacts, and a detailed route description. We will also monitor all riders frequently at the checkpoints making sure it is not happening.


What if I decide to abandon the tour?
If you do get out, you must check in with us using the contacts shown on the ‘usefulstuff card which we will give to you prior the event.

Ferry crossing?

Yes, there will be a ferry crossing on river Danube at Visegrád. It costs 900 HUF (2,8€) and takes about 5 minutes. You can find the link to the ferry timetable here:

Other useful considerations:

Money: Along the tour, there will be many opportunities to shop (groceries, bars, cafes, restaurants, B&Bs) but the mostly CASH ONLY BUSINESSES. We strongly recommend to take cash on you!
Reference prices: 0,5L beer at a bar: 1-2€; 1 cappuccino: 1-1,5€; 1 main dish at a restaurant: 5-10€
1€ = 323 HUF (as of 2018.12.16)

Food & drink: Most villages have a fountain (a blue one!) where you can get drinking water. It´s also likely there will be bar where you can have a beer or two. Restaurants and buffets are also frequent, but please note that a regular bar in Hungary normally doesn’t serve food. For proper food and shops use your cue sheet or GPS. Village shops and grocery stores are closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

Language: You should be able to communicate in English with locals, but if by any chance it is not possible we will help with some basic phrases pre-printed in your goodie bags.

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