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Who are we?

Adventurers. Explorers. Freebirds. Bikepack(ing)ers. 

We are ordinary people who have been eagerly waiting for their next bikepacking tour since the first one ended. Free from the burden of performance, full of life, nature and the world of
self-chosen challenges. 

Here you pedal in order to keep up with those with whom you like to be with. In order to feel the pace and new experiences and fight for a common goal. This is what bikepacking means for us and we truly think that this atmosphere should be experienced by all those people who are into biking.

​We established the Kalandbringás Sportegyesület in 2019 that provides the institutional background of what we do.


What do we do? 

1. We build a community. We started in 2018 as a tiny little Facebook group where we started chatting about the minimalist biking with a few eager members. Since then we have thousands of followers on many different platforms and - to our astonishment - we could make a lot of people move in person.


2. We organize adventure tours; from 1 day tours to 10-day ones. We coordinated 5 Peaks 500, our first big event which attracted 66 racers. In 2020, we organized for the first time, a biking tour through Hungary – the Hungarian Divide

 for more than 100 people. Besides our big events we organize Campouts in which we target Hungary’s different regions for a ‘one-night stand’.

3. We produce content. We publish blog entries regularly on our blog with reviews, summaries and tests.

Usually we prefer pathless, close-to-nature routes. We are not afraid of carrying our bikes on our shoulders or of spending the night somewhere nobody knows. We truly believe that bike tours are the best ways to h(b)iking and globe-trotting. We would like to share our passion and what we love in this with more and more people: community experiences, adventure and the pleasure of performing. Come with us!

We make BPH

Founder & Lead Organizer


Founder & The Master of Coins


Founder & MR Handlebar-Moustache and Idea Master

I did my first bikepacking tour in 2016. At that time I didn’t know too much about this thing.
I just went with a backpack on my back till I reached the Adriatic Sea. Since then, I know and I am really into this trend. I believe that we should show it to a lot more people. I have plenty of ideas, which I would like to accomplish in a sustainable way and with gathering more and more people.

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Biking storyteller, responsible for media and pics

Biking is a real symbol of freedom and bikepacking is making the most and the best out of it. Above all, for me it is the most important to seize the moment and experience; along the way I can experience as well as gather knowledge. I don’t know where I would end up, sleep or about my whereabouts as such. On the other hand: the community, the feeling of biking together and when we make our dinner together and put up our tents at the end of the day, under the open sky.

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A man of words, one of the authors of our blog

The reflection of sunrise on the spokes, the crackling gravel, the bitter cold wind as it rushes past you. I’ve just put up my tent somewhere where there were no people probably for weeks. Everything I have can fit on my bike. Just me and this scenery. Narrow dirt roads, a forest.
I’m maneuvering among the branches and the holes. Now I am emerging rolling slowly. I’m looking around when I reach the top. I can go anywhere from here. This range of mountains is the Pilis and this is suddenly the Himalayas. Even though I’ve just gone biking.

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Video maker trailripper

For me, bikepacking is special because when I do a brainstorming session and I start organising a tour, an incomparable adventurousness rises within me. As well as it is a great opportunity to stretch both my mental and physical borders. My personal mission is to motivate people by my photos to go out and enjoy nature.

Biking means adventure for me. It means that I can turn down onto a dirt road without knowing where it ends. It means, I can test my capability while being with cool people. I am not an exceptional talent in the field of biking techniques, I am not too strong or an experienced biker, but I substitute all the above with enthusiasm and I hope that I can motivate more and more people and make them get on their bikes to see, visit and experience the unknown.

I do regular bikerides since I was a child. It gives you everything a boy would want. You go out, explore a street first then you leave the city. You build a ramp or you go up the hill to look around. With friends or alone, it doesn’t matter. Both have their own charm. With bikepacking, only the measures changed; the experience and the feeling stayed exactly the same.

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Video, photo, cookie jar

For me, it is not only a sport, it is a mood, too. This is the key of liberty, of discovery, of the crystal clear happiness of performing as such. When the gang is together, we go back in time and we are 15 again; we have fun, we make fun. Anywhere we go, we gather lifelong memories that’s for sure. My specialty is that I am willing to put a drone or a camera into our backpacks instead of bringing the essentials. Not to mention that I am a black belt pizza master.

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Photo, design

What lead me to the different parts of the world was curiosity. Those roads lead both to lighter and darker places but the opportunity of learning and understanding lied within. The same curiosity makes my bike’s wheels move as well as provides room for learning about nature, technique, human performance, community – and last but not least, about myself. I ride more without backpacks but the desire for exploring the new and for realization still works. This makes the strongest bond between Bikepacking Hungary and me. Off we go, then!

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A blog author writing from vast experience

Being active has been a part of my life since I was a child. I embarked on my first bike adventure trips at the age of 11, although at that time we were just roaming the hills and forests of Zselic, getting farther and farther away from our safe village. The bike has been an eternal love ever since. The fever of planning and preparation, the joy of discovery, the thrill of sleeping outdoors, always accompanies me on my journeys. For me, bikepacking is the essence of bike travel. With a little stuff, on adventurous trails, all the way to the end of the world, and back  - when I've seen enough ...

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