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The rules of the 2021 Hungarian Divide

A. Mandatory documents


At the time of registration, all entrants must complete or have the following documents:

  • The Declaration of responsibility (form to be filled in at the start)

  • Health declaration (to be filled in at the start based on the form)

  • ID card

  • Valid Hungarian social insurance or liability insurance valid for cycling events


B. Rules of the Tour


  • In all circumstances, it is mandatory to comply with Hungarian laws and traffic rules and to act accordingly.

  • Before the start, we hold a mandatory equipment check, on which, if something does not meet the regulations, the organizer can refuse to start. List of mandatory equipment:

    • 1x GPS tracker - provided by the organizers, will be handed over during registration

    • 1x intact bicycle helmet

    • 1x conventional, non-motorized bicycle (it is not possible to start the tour with eBike)

    • 2x bicycle “front” lamp (with white light, at least one lamp with permanent mode)

    • 2x bicycle “rear” light (with red light)

    • 1x pump (can be CO2 or manual and is mandatory even if you come with tubeless tires)

    • 1x spare interior + 1x repair kit (the latter is provided by the organizers)

    • Bottle (s) / water tank suitable for storing a minimum of 1.5 liters

    • 1x reflective outerwear (eg reflective tape or vest. “Small” stripes built into clothing are not acceptable)

    • 1x waterproof outerwear (a long-sleeved jacket made of water-repellent material)

    • 1x face mask or neck scarf To comply with mandatory rules due to Covid (mandatory in shops and public transport) Mobile phone and at least 1 charger capability (eg: charger brain dynamo or powerbank)

    • Identity card + TB card

    • Medicines used for a known (declared) medical condition A minimum supply of medicines sufficient for the entire tour is mandatory

  • We do not recommend cycling at night in poor visibility conditions. If you do, you must use double front and back lighting and wear reflective clothing on the upper body.

  • It is mandatory to wear a helmet from the beginning to the end of the tour! Bicycle accidents don't just happen to others!

  • Follow the road only. Always be attentive on the road to avoid collisions with outdoor animals.

  • Sunrise is expected approx. at 4.30, sunset at 9.30.

  • Always have a surviving energy pack with you in case anything unexpected happens (energy slice, banana, etc.) even if you are just coming from a restaurant and your belly is full.

  • Avoid using your valuables in public (smartphone, camera, etc.)! It is better to be afraid than to be frightened.

  • Always keep your eyes on your bike when you take a break! If you sleep in a hotel, try to arrange for your bike to rest in your room.

  • Registration for the event is subject to acceptance of the rules and 18 years of age.


  1. The Hungarian Divide is a self-supported biking event. You have to carry and arrange your equipment, food and refreshments.

  2. Ride on your own power. It is not allowed to shorten the route or use any outside help.

  3. Ride any kind of bicycle. It is recommended to have derailleurs, and at least 40 mm wide tires. 40+ mm may even be better at times.

  4. The event will not be cancelled due to weather conditions. If extreme, the organizer may decide otherwise.

  5. Every rider must follow the route. All riders will be followed via an online tracking system. Only the riders finishing within the cutoff time, having completed the entire route will be acknowledged as official finishers. 

  6. It is allowed to leave the track but once you would like to continue you must start from the same spot where you left the track.

  7. To cross rivers, you can only use a ferry. (only at 1 designated point on route)

  8. Although it is not a race, time is measured constantly from start to finish. There will be fast and faster riders. Cut-off time is 6 days for the half distance, 9 days for the full distance riders.

  9. Everybody who will complete the course is a winner, although we might give special credit to outstanding performances. We believe that not only a fast ride can be remarkable. Think of Lanterne Rouge for a moment.

  10. Buy your fellow riders a beer or coffee. Helping each other, and sharing experiences is strongly encouraged by the organizer

3. Entry categories


Tour category

  1. This category starts before the Solo category, so your limit time is 1 day longer.

  2. Unlike the Solo category, in this category you can roll together, meet family and friends.

  3. The only rule is to follow the route.


Solo category


  1. This category starts one day after the Tour, so your limit time is 1 day shorter.

  2. The start-up must not have any outside help: he / she cannot meet / keep in touch with family / friends, thus ensuring equal conditions for the riders.

  3. You cannot roll with other entrants.

  4. The Solo finisher will receive an extra souvenir and its completion time will be added to the official rankings.

4. Responsibilities

  1. You as a rider are responsible for your own actions

  2. Each rider takes part in the event on his/her own responsibility

  3. Participants are required to guarantee they can finish the race without any damage to their health. It is forbidden to participate in Hungarian Divide bikepacking tour without being properly prepared and equipped, and without having tested own abilities earlier. You take part at your own risk and you must decide yourself

  4. By registering, and paying the registration fee, each rider:

    • declares that he/she has read, approved and accepted every part of this regulation;

    • claims to be in good physical and mental condition and doesn’t have any hidden risk factors for their health – every contestant is responsible for their own medical fitness, we do not require a certificate.

    • declares to have sufficient insurance in case of damage done to him/herself or to third parties during the duration of the event (this must be shown at the start)

  5. The organizer can’t be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur due to not following the rules or tour description.

  6. The organizer is responsible for providing the service as described on


5. Registration fee

Full distance


  1. Full HD club member EARLY – 32.400 HUF /equals to ~95 €/ (until 2020.12.31-ig) - PLEASE TRANSFER IN HUF

  2. Full HD club member - 39.900 HUF /equals to ~112 €/ (until 2021.08.01.) - PLEASE TRANSFER IN HUF

  3. Full HD normal  – 48.900 HUF /equals to ~137 €/ (until 2021.08.08.) - PLEASE TRANSFER IN HUF

Half distance

  1. Half HD club member EARLY – 20.900 HUF (until 2020.12.31.) (equals to ~59 €) - PLEASE TRANSFER IN HUF

  2. Half HD club member - 24.900 HUF (until 2021.08.08.) (equals to ~70 €) - PLEASE TRANSFER IN HUF

  3. Half HD normal  – 29.900 HUF (until 2021.08.08.) (equals to ~84 €) - PLEASE TRANSFER IN HUF


  • The organizer will give an invoice of the purchase, naming an organization if requested.

  • The registration will only be finalized upon the payment has been processed, and you have been given the confirmation e-mail and the invoice. 


6. Privacy, personal data

  1. The organizer collects personal data during registration (name, birthdate, address, email, phone number, bike model). 

  2. The organizer uses the personal data and the content made during the event only for promoting Bikepacking Hungary and its services.

  3. The organizer will not share any personal data with 3rd parties.

  4. The organizer takes pictures and video of the event on which riders may appear.

  5. The organizer may reserve the material after the event as well, but if you’d like us to delete it, please request deleting via e-mail –  


7. Changes

  1. The organizer reserves the right to apply changes to the event and regulations at any time. The website is the only official information resource regarding the event.

8. Refunds & Cancellation

  1. Upon rider cancellation refunds are available:

    1. until 31.03.2021 – 100% of paid entry fee will be refunded

    2. from 01.04.2021 to 30.06.2020 – 50% of paid entry fee will be refunded

    3. after 01.07.2021 – there are no refunds

    4. for riders who can not participate the event, and contact us before 01.07.2021, we hold the right to transfer their start spot to our 2022 event

  2. If due to an outside factor, the event is cancelled by the organizer, we will move it to another date. If you, as a rider don’t accept the new proposal, we will refund the 70% of the entry fee.

9. Organizer information

Gangel Marcell - Tour Director
Coates Ádám - Tour Director deputy
Contact: (we DO reply)

Vasi Hegyhát Cultural and Sport Association
Address: Bendefy Lszló street 12, 9800 Vasvár, Vas, Hungary
VAT number: 18659953-1-18

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