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Adventure, Community, Challenge - The 5 Peaks 500 bikepacking tour

Frissítve: 2020. júl. 8.

Nowadays, you can participate in more and more bikepacking tours, races around the world, collected by great event calendars, like on or But among the many options, it is not easy to find the ideal one for you.

The 5 Peaks 500 – which is going to be organized for the first time in 2019 - doesn't want to be the longest, hardest or toughest bikepacking event. There are no first and last ones on this tour, only finishers. You can ride at your pace, in your rhythm, stop when you feel it, do what is the most comfortable for you. You can sleep where and when you want, it can be outside under the sky in a bivouac, in a tent, or it can be an accommodation along the route. The goal is to leave the busy everyday life behind you, slow down and give yourself to the nature for a few days, and meet with new people while going through the spectacular and challenging Hungarian countryside and its Highlands. This tour is not about the competition or overcoming each other, but rather about stretching our own limits and abilities.

The event of course is unsupported, but at each of the big checkpoints, there are prepared stations waiting for you, which are also refreshments and food points, where you can taste some great and simple Hungarian dishes. And last but not least these checking points, are social hubs as well, where you can meet and talk with other participants or just rest for a little to recharge yourself before the next challenges, and get ready for what the route hides for you. Each of these points will be placed at epic locations and peaks of the tour, with amazing views and nice environment.

This tour is a great choice for those, who are riding the bike for the love of challenge, love of nature, who like to make new friends, experience and discover a country and a culture, all within a course of 550-580km and with 9.000m elevation.

If you are interested in the route click HERE, for more info about he tour click HERE.

See you in August!

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